Monday, January 30, 2012

Agendas and Minutes Should Be on Englewood Cliffs' Web Site

I would like Englewood Cliffs to put the agenda for all meetings of the Mayor and Council and all Borough boards on the Borough's website several days before each meeting and the minutes of every meeting on the Borough's web site as soon as the minutes are approved.  Most Bergen County municipalities have the minutes and/or the agendas on their web site.  Why not Englewood Cliffs?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Borough Council meeting minutes

I'd like to see how promptly the Borough Council makes the minutes of its meetings, both public and closed, available to the public. I submitted the following Open Public Records Act (OPRA) to Clerk Susan Spohn today. I'll post the results when I get a response from the Borough.

John Paff
Subject: OPRA Request

Borough of Englewood Cliffs

Please accept this e-mail/fax as my request for government records in accordance with the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) and the common law right of access. Please respond and send all responsive documents to me via e-mail at If e-mail is not possible, please fax responses and responsive records to me at 908-325-0129. Also, I would appreciate it if you would acknowledge your receipt of this e-mail/fax.

Records requested:

1. The minutes of three most recently held nonpublic (i.e. "closed" or "executive") municipal governing body meetings for which minutes are available for public disclosure in either full or redacted form.

2. The resolutions, as required by N.J.S.A. 10:4-13, that authorized the three nonpublic meetings for which minutes were provided in response to #1 above. (If the resolutions are spread out in full in the public meeting minutes (as opposed to "free standing" resolutions), please furnish only those pages of the public meeting minutes that contain the resolutions.)

3. The minutes of three most recently held public municipal governing body meetings for which minutes are available for public disclosure.

Thank you,

John Paff
(voice - 732-873-1251)