Monday, January 30, 2012

Agendas and Minutes Should Be on Englewood Cliffs' Web Site

I would like Englewood Cliffs to put the agenda for all meetings of the Mayor and Council and all Borough boards on the Borough's website several days before each meeting and the minutes of every meeting on the Borough's web site as soon as the minutes are approved.  Most Bergen County municipalities have the minutes and/or the agendas on their web site.  Why not Englewood Cliffs?


  1. I just looked at Englewood Cliff's web site and you're right--they don't even have their meeting minutes on-line. Midland Park is of similar size to Englewood Cliffs, and it has its council planning and zoning board minutes on-line. See

    Maybe this blog ought to post Englewood Cliff's minutes on-line if the Borough itself isn't inclined to do so.

    John Paff

    1. I think that's a terrific idea. I doubt agendas and minutes will be put on Englewood Cliffs' web site any time soon.