Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Conversation with Clerk Spohn

I spoke with Borough Clerk Susan Spohn today, regarding the fact that I have not yet received a response to my January 27, 2012 Open Public Records Act request. According to law, citizens are entitled to some sort of written response within seven business days of the Borough's receipt of a request.

Clerk Spohn conceded that she should have responded earlier and indicated that she was intending to respond today. She indicated that production of the the Borough Council's meeting minutes was delayed, but she didn't advise me of the length of the delay. She said that there would several sets of meeting minutes up for approval at tonight's meeting.

I agreed to extend the time within which she could respond to my request until February 22, 2012. This is more time than she wanted, but I offered it since I would be on vacation the week of February 13th and wouldn't be able to review the minutes until February 22nd in any event.

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