Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The truth

So Parisi finally admitted the truth at the February Mayor and Council meeting. He violated the Open Public Meetings Act at the Reorg meeting in January. But according to Corriston, it is no big deal.
Really? The residents have the right to speak at every Council meeting. It is a BIG Deal to stifle public comment when the Mayor sees fit. This was no accident as the Mayor has been presiding over meetings for at least 6 years and has opened every other meeting to the public.
It is also no accident that this was the meeting when the Mayor introduced an ordinance to abolish the Board of Adjustment. He just did not want to hear the public's opinion.
Shame on Mayor Parisi!


  1. The Mayor and Council put a three minute limit on comments by members of the public. New councilman Ed Aversa monitors the time. Mayor Parisi and his cronies have never cared what the public thinks. Now they don't want to even pretend to listen.

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