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Letter to the Suburbanite editor: Professionals reappointed 'triple dipping' reader says

Letters: Northern Valley, Jan. 17

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Northern Valley Suburbanite

Professionals reappointed 'triple dipping' reader says

To the Editor:

Englewood Cliffs' Democratic-controlled Council began a new year by reappointing three professionals who participated in the Democrats' vicious, win at all costs campaign and authorizing triple dipping for two employees. Unfortunately, taxpayer funded rewards for their supporters and intimidation of political opponents are business as usual with Englewood Cliffs' Democrats.

The three professionals who participated in the "Mayor's Newsletter" likely contributed to the destruction of democracy in Englewood Cliffs. Who will be willing to run against the Democrats if the price is vicious, unsubstantiated personal attacks and retaliation against their family? The borough attorney, tax appeal attorney and borough auditor indisputably benefit from uncontested elections. When Republicans controlled the Englewood Cliffs' Council, these three professionals were not reappointed. However, uncontested elections certainly aren't in the best interest of Englewood Cliffs.

The council also appointed Caterina Scancarella Planning Board secretary and Paul Duffy recreation director. Ms. Scancarella already works full time as Englewood Cliffs' Building Department assistant and part time as Englewood Cliffs' COAH Trust Fund Report preparer. The council did not say what hour Ms. Scancarella will work as Planning Board secretary . Will it be the same hours that she is working as Building Department assistant and COAH Trust Fund Report preparer? The council should rescind Ms. Scancarella's appointment as Planning Board secretary and hire someone else for that position. The borough recently advertised for someone to assist Ms. Scancarella with the Building Department's work. Adding another employee to the borough's payroll so that Ms. Scancarella can triple dip is irresponsible, particularly at a time when the mayor is claiming that Englewood Cliffs has a "major budget deficit."

Likewise, Paul Duffy already works full time as Englewood Cliffs' property tax clerk and part time as Englewood Cliffs' soccer coordinator. During what hours will Mr. Duffy be working as recreation director? Will it be the same hours he is working in the property tax office? Will he be receiving recreation related calls at the property tax office? Triple dipping by employees – in this case concurrently holding a full-time government job and two part-time government jobs – is not in Englewood Cliffs' best interests.

Now that election season is over and character assassination no longer benefits them, Englewood Cliffs' Democrats say they want to "play nice," "put…differences aside," and end political bickering. Expecting Englewood Cliffs' Republicans to remain silent in the interests of community harmony after attacking them from the dais throughout 2012 and running a campaign centered on vicious personal attacks is a textbook example of hypocrisy. The mayor and the Democratic members of Englewood Cliffs Council need to begin leading by example instead of asking residents to do as they say, not as they do.

Lauren J. Eastwood


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